Tuesday, July 22, 2014

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The Potter's Touch is a network of professionally trained Counselors and spiritual directors who work with individuals and families in the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountain Districts of the United Methodist Church.  Funds for those without insurance coverage or those experiencing financial hardship may be available in the form of a graded reduction of fees if they are United Methodist clergy, laity, church staff and their families or those referred by United Methodist clergy for services. 


Through our professionally trained counselors, support and healing are offered as we provide counseling, therapy, education and consultation.  Through our trained spiritual directors, we offer support for the process of discernment in one's life.  We want to be an instrument of the Church in answering Christ's call to bring spiritual and emotional healing and wholeness to individuals, families, and congregations.
All of us from time to time find ourselves in situations that are difficult to bear.
A listening ear and compassionate heart can take away the sense of isolation we feel.
Sometimes the need is within us:
    Depression, grief, anger, low self-esteem, addiction.
Sometimes the need involves our circumstances:
    Marriage, friendships, co-workers, stress, anxiety, job concerns, life transition.
Often the need involves our spiritual life:
    Guilt, forgiveness, faith, growth in Christian maturity.
Many times we experience a combination of these issues simultaneously and we may feel overwhelmed by it all.  In those cases, having someone to talk to, someone we can really trust, can be very helpful.  A gentle observation or a timely question can put things in a new perspective.